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DAFFTIN SFBudget (Home Bookkeeping)  

Do you want to know where most of your money goes or which of your family members spend the most and on what? Do you want to know the weak points of your personal and family budget? Do you want to know on which expense categories you could painlessly save money? DAFFTIN Simple Family Budget will help you not only find answers to these endless questions, but also help you get your finances in order..

DAFFTIN Simple Family Budget is a simple program that can be used to keep the books of your family finances (home bookkeeping). The program provides an easy way to keep track of your daily expenses/incomes and other operations with you finances. Features of DAFFTIN Simple Family Budget include a very fast and easy to use data entry system where each transaction is just one line.

List of features:

  • You can use the program free of charge without any limitations in functionality however, the unregistered version will occasionally remind you to register;
  • Simple, easy to understand interface;
  • Low system requirements;
  • The program absolutely does not use windows registry;
  • Database of the program even with large number of records occupies very small amount of space on the hard disk;
  • Password protection against unwanted access to the program;
  • Ability to install the program to a removable device (e.g. USB flash disk) that you usually carry with you;
  • Budget planning feature. Budget planning helps to compare actual spendings/income with expected.
  • Ability to transfer data from one computer to another (useful if, for example, you have DAFFTIN Simple Family Budget installed on both your office and home computers and would like changes made at home to be synchronized with your office PC and vice versa);
  • Unlimited number of moneyboxes, bank accounts (e.g. Visa, MasterCard), e-money accounts (e.g. Paypal), other types of accounts and ability to keep track of financial operations with all these accounts;
  • Ability to keep track of money transfers between your accounts;
  • Ability to keep track of your Lending, Borrowing, Debtors, Creditors;
  • Simultaneous support of several different currencies and conversion between them;
  • To Do Reminders (you can create unlimited number of to do reminders and set the dates you want the reminders to appear);
  • Ability to show Transaction History for any selected category (expense category, income category, person, etc.) or account;
  • Pie and bar chart statistics. Using pie diagrams and bar charts you can easily and quickly compare and analyze all your incomes, expenses, borrowing, lending, etc., grouped by persons, creditors, debtors, etc. At the same time you don’t need to close the chart window in order to change the type of statistics – all diagrams and charts are drawn on the fly;
  • Ability to print your financial operations and/or export them to HTML or Microsoft Excel format;
  • Built-in Check for Updates feature;
  • Along with the ability to backup and restore your data manually at any convenient time, the program can also automatically backup its data on exit.

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